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I've always believed in God, the merciful God that I deeply worship with my mother, Margaret Brigham. However, my mother did not inherit my God's merciful ways, and that makes her one of my greatest fears. I'm sure that her intentions are pure and positive, and as any mother would want the best for her child, so would she. I love my mother, but her harsh ways, and strict life style have made it difficult for me to be accepted by my fellow peers at Ewen Consolidated high school. I've always wanted to be accepted, something that I have never had the luxury of recieving here. I've also always dreamed of having the perfect high school experience, but at the going rate of what I have, so far encountered, will not be happening (at least not in this life). At this point, everyone already thinks I'm a freak, and with these strange powers that I possess, I could almost agree with them. Most of my time is spent alone. Life as Carrieta White will never be easy. Particularly because, in a way, I have chosen to be different, but I do desire that it did not come at such a high cost of my sanity, and my social banishing in school and life in general. There only a few people that I consider my friends, Sue Snell, her boyfriend, Tommy Ross, and my gym teacher Miss Desjardin. My thoughts mostly consist of those kind people who show me that undeserved affection and mercy, and my dream prom dress that I will make. I must admit that I am confused, Sue's boyfriend, Tommy, has asked me to go to prom with him and I am unsure if he actually means it or if Sue's friends are planning on tricking me and laughing at me again, just like they did with the incident in the shower last week. But I know that my mother would surely disapprove of Tommy's request, what with her Christian ways and strict parenting, I knew that I will have to force her to let me live this experience. Tommy's kindness is so odd to me, I have never been used to