Descriptive Essay On A Mall

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Jennifer Hudson

On the outside of Basset Place Mall, lines after lines of cars are parked in the gigantic parking lots. It's not that noisy but occasionally you hear the beeping of a car alarm. The sliding glass doors swish open as I step near them. As I walk in to the inside, the volume of sound changes. I can hear people chattering and kids screaming. The pitter patter feet on the tile floor make echoes through the mall. I also hear the crinkle of bags and jingle of purses; a happy child with a new toy; smell the mixed food aroma from restaurants; hear someone laugh out loud; look bright signs advertising things; some kids dragged along, not wanting to be there. Other decorations remind me of the season and why I am there. Overall walking, talking, and laughing people! People! Everywhere people.

I observed most families with kids, went to the kids clothing stores like carters and children's place, I also hear the eccentric sound of music when I open the door. The cashier greets everybody; bright colors and sales tags everywhere; racks are organized by stylish and high quality clothes and are arranged by designs and colors. While parents does the sale hunting kids mess the shopping too.

The most interesting thing for kids is indoor play yard constructed of soft foam material. It consisting of a grand entrance facade, climbers, slides, tunnels, a play wall, shoe keepers and parent seating. Across from where I sat was the carousel. When it would start up a slight breeze would hit me lightly lifting my hair. You can hear the sound of the carousel going around and around, playing the typical amusement park music, making you feel like you're at the fair.

The carousel sparkles with little lights that are pleasing to the eye. The beauty of it is just striking. The horses go up and down as it goes around and around. Each horse has different detailed designs making each one