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Professor Bachar
Tzu-Ting ,Chiu
Hell Scenario
Joel Garreau presents an analysis that the rapid changing in technology could lead to a huge change for in human life too. The GRIN technologies, which are genetic engineering, robotics, information and nanotechnology, are going to give human beings a influence. These four elements will be the main factors that affect the world in both pro and con sides. He believes that the Hell scenario in humanity would have a negative ending. It claims that human will eventually end up either human extinction or be over controlled by the advanced technology if it potentially goes up to the higher and higher level that human can’t be the main controllers. Some knowledgeable people support the heaven scenario and some argue that four aspects of technology might give a great suffer that would exterminate humanity. The increasing exponential in technology may destroy human and human might be replaced by the machine intelligence in this scenario.
The technological advancement for developing genetic engineering may lead gene to be abnormal or will ultimately rule over the rest of the people., robots, artificial intelligences, and nanotechnologies have the chance to overtake and dispense their creators because human would totally rely on those advanced technologies since it’s too convenient and very reliable. Human will slowly lose their consciousness from relying on technologies too much.
Bill Joy’s concern towards the unrestricted research and experiments and robots that rule humans is further expressed when he says that humans are on the cusp of the further perfection of extreme evil.” (Garreau 139). His worry is focused on the GRIN technologies, which would have a great threat to human survival. "If we create widely dispersed technology for this kind of mass destruction, we will have grave consequences. It's almost a tautology" (Garreau 145). This can be applied to most of the social ills and nature disaster what we faced which are the Fukushima nuclear disaster, global warming, and of course, the digital divide.
Joy believes that only one realistic alternative to technological advancement exists is to relinquish it. He did actually move to Aspen in order to practice his idea on his own. There have no humans, phone lines, power lines or anything that connect to advanced technologies. Although he is a co-founder of Sun Microsystems, he decided to give up all that and get away from everything he disliked about Silicon Valley, including cities and towns, traffic jams and earthquakes in California. (Garreau 136).
Another proponent of the Hell scenario is Francis Fukuyama. Fukuyama has his own unique