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Music Production
Antonio Fleming ENG/147 (BSGF1F1IV1)


Frances Lord

The Love of Music Production
A lot of people really don't know how much the Music Production. Have impacted our daily lives.So the question is 展hat is Music Production?Well, music production is an individual working within the music industry. Whose job is to oversee and manage the recording of an artist's music. A producer also has roles that are included, but they could be limited to, by gathering ideas for an project, by selecting multiple songs and musicians, they teach the artist and musicians in the studio, by arranging the recording sessions, and monitoring the entire process through mixing and mastering. Just alone music production has made its mark on the world. Without it, it would be total silence and then you realize. How people can express themselves if that's all they know. That something to think about, from the movies to dancing on broadway.
The Function of Music production. Rather you know it or not. Music production involves in manipulation of recording equipment to capture sounds. It seems producers utilize an array of different. Equipment to record beautiful sounds of an artist. To be more in depth of the equipment they use. Recording consoles, microphones,mixers, and other outstanding equipment . Help produce those sounds we hear and love today. Like for existence when you hear a nature music. It sounds like you there in the mist of the jungle. Running with the monkey's I know it sound a little clich Just know music has evolve so much. Its like a life on it's on, you can feel every drum hit or every piano keys being stroke. Now on the other hand If you don't have a great mixer everything can be so out of touch.
Now the benefits is just as amazing as it get. Like for instance becoming a music producer. Can grant you the opportunity to manipulate the music,software, or equipment. Another perk of being a music producer you can add or subtract whatever you want to put in a production. I also find it amazing that you can also compose a movie or a award show. With many equipment or software to make any production come alive. Then you can also look at it like this. Your name being shown on hit movies or even top selling albums. That alone can help you get a lot exposure especially if you trying to be known. For me It really don't matter if I'm known or not. I just want my music to be heard.
Some people categories what music producers are in two forms. Music production can be very versatile. Especially if they study the form of music. Even though music production can sometimes fall into 2 categories. The categories consist of Analog and digital recording. Like me I'm a digital recording producer. I use music programs such as logic pro x and Reaper. To produce and create my style of music. I also use it for editing videos, to add those dynamic effects. I mean we are not leaving in the 1700's anymore with no sound or have analog recording. Thats now being overrun by digital recording. Like who still listen to cassette tapes or use records.No one that I know of, its about mp3 player's now. With little to nothing, just technology itself has