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Tachasub, Sumalee
English 1C
Paper #1
Personality Profile According to the Five Minute Personality test, my personality profile is a lion. Briefly, a lion is a leader who likes challenges and opportunity for advancement. This personality is strong, direct, goal-oriented and good at decision-making. It also can be aggressive and competitive.
In my opinion, I disagree with the result because my personality is more like a follower. Most of the time, I avoid leadership roles and the spotlight. I have difficulty making decisions on a group’s behavior. I feel more comfortable performing instructed tasks from my supervisor, and enjoy supporting my team to reach our goals than dealing with conflict. I am sensitive to outside forces, easily convinced by others’ thought and opinions, and very quiet when it comes to argument. For years, I have asked myself why I dislike leading and conflicts with others. A majority of the reason is from the cultural aspect of leadership in my family. For example, when I was a little girl, I was taught that to be a good woman, I would have to follow a man’s lead in any matter. To be a good daughter, I would do everything instructed by my parents even if it was against my will. According to the Myers-Briggs test, my personality type is ISFJ that refers to introverted, sensing, feeling, and judging. Introverted means that I look at the world from the inside and tend to focus on thoughts, and interests. Sensing means that I depend on common sense, focus on a present opportunity, and like detailed information. Feeling means that I tend to make decisions based on my personal values and what I feel is right. Judging means that I prefer to approach life in a planned and organized manner. As an ISFJ, this personality type is dependable, reliable, trustworthy, considerate, traditional, and detail-oriented.
In contrast with my opinion regarding the Five Minute Personality test, I completely agree with the Myers-Briggs test because it fits with my “follower” personality. As the introverted (I), I am a calm and quiet person who likes to spend time by myself thinking, reviewing, and planning for the next day. I have a difficult time approaching new people. As being sensing (S), I pay special attention to every detail. My thought only focuses on one thing at the time, as I desire to make the best of my present status. As a feeling (F) person, I value others opinions and ideas and rarely create conflict with people around me. I am a peaceful person who tries to maintain harmony and balance in my personal and professional life. As being judging (J), I am time-conscious and comfortable with routine. I generally plan things before I do them. In terms of the working environment, I prefer well-defined schedules, clearly defined expectations, and well-instructed tasks. I like to finish my work before a deadline.
There are some similarities and differences between the two personality test results. Both tests agree I work effectively in goal and task oriented environments. While the Five