Secrets Are Lies

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Leant A. Mendoza

Creative Assignment #1

Secrets are Lies. Sharing is Caring. Privacy is Theft. The phrases were stuck in Leant’s head as he was walking back to his cubicle in the creative experience section. He had only begun working at the circle a few weeks earlier, and already was beginning to feel as though everything happening at the Circle too good to be true. “How could such technology exist and be okayed by people,” he would ask himself. The degree to which these devices were invading the private lives and personal moments of people would seize to be of any intimate significance because they would be displayed for public consumption to the millions of circle users. Mae’s interview was a perfect example of the power that the Circle had over people; Leant had run into Mae shortly after he begun working at the Circle, and from the brief conversation they had, could tell she was not like everybody else that worked there, but this person that was on stage speaking of her experience as an “Awakening,” this was not the same Mae. This made Leant feel uneasy about how he would be after working there a few more weeks, months, years… Leant could not seem to get rid of the permanent knot inside his stomach, a gut feeling that was telling him he should stop working there and instead commence a movement seeking to disband the monopoly that is the circle. Anytime he would approach the human resources section of the circle, Leant would pause and simply