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ENG3U - Lesson 19: Key Question #48 Megan Turco
Wrong Turn The night that Jade was driving down Ranger Lake Road was a wretched one. One of the worst storms in years was passing through. Winds were blowing thirty miles an hour from the north. Toerrential downpours. Hail. Both hands grasping the wheel, eyes peeled on the road. She could barely see. Jade was desperate enough to escape her miserable, and abusive boyfriend to drive in the storm. She slowed down to make a sharp turn in the road, and thought to herself, "Uhg, how long is this damn road? The cabin has to be coming up soon!". Jade was a tall girl, with a long mane of red hair. She never had problems finding boyfriends, but she always seemed to pick the haunted bad boy types. The latest one had convinced her to get an apartment with him in the slums of the city. Alike to many of the others, Joe finally showed his true colours. Five slaps to the face, a kick in the ass, and two broken fingers later she was now in her car driving to a cabin she had only ben once before. She was thinking that if she could go there for a while, gather her thoughts, she would be able to think of a way to start over. "First, just have to find the marker on the road, get to the cabin, and get dry. Then, after a good night of sleep I will be able to think of my next move," Jade thought to herself. There it was. Barely visible in the rain was the marker that made the hidden driveway distinguishable from the road. The weather worn sign nailed to the tree said, "WRONG TURN". The family who owned the cabin thought it was a witty way to signal the person was at the right place. At that moment though Jade felt a moment of dread, and couldn't help thinking the sign was a bad omen. "Well I'm already here. Nothing cold possible be out here accept a couple bears, and chipmunks," she said out loud to comfort herself. Navigating the ancient Ford Taurus up to cabin was difficult due to the storm washing out the driveway. Jade sat in the car for a few minutes, letting the red tail lights illuminate the cabin. It looked ominous, deserted, and Jade thought, "Good enough for now". Getting out of her car, she hastily grabbed the two bags she threw together during her flight. Holding one over of her head, the other draped on her shoulder, she ran to the door. Running her hand under the window sill, she came across the spare key. Thank god. It was still there! Jamming the key into the lock, she impatiently fiddled with the door lock until it creaked open. Jade dropped her bags, and kicked her shoes off to the side. She lit a lighter, and walked into the center of the cabin where there was a propane light hanging from the ceiling. Once she got it working, she peered around the cabin. There were sheets over the furniture, and it was rather dusty. "It's liveable. I'll just clean up in the morning when I can actually see. For now I'll just take the sheets down, light a fire, and get some sleep," she thought to herself optimistically. So, she began. Sheets got folded, placed on a table tucked in the corner. She found an old car battery, and beside it a radio. She decided to see if the battery could power the radio. It worked! Jade set the station to the country station, and looked towards the fireplace. "Well, time to shift through the spiders, and grab some wood," she said out loud. The fire started, heat began to fill the cabin. Unknown to Jade, she had been followed. It wasn't an easy task, but the risk paid off when he saw…