Drive By Daniel Pink

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In Drive written by Daniel Pink discusses opportunity to engage employees to do optimal work. It discusses the engaging of employees to be motivated by their own will and not with cash. Pink describe that changing an employer’s mind set and ways of management could lead to better work flow and the creation of new innovations; but First should pay employees enough where his or she is not think about money, then changing the culture of a business establishing Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose for its employees.
Autonomy is the ability to be self-directed; an employee can’t do this because management always is in control; like an owner with a leash on a dog employee have neither freedoms to be creative nor any breathing room. To change this Management has to think about engagement. Engagement helps self-directed people rise to their fullest potential. Establishing a fun and positive work space for employees when done with his/her work then letting staff work on any of their own ideas, which could lead to new ideas never thought of or new creations. Companies can benefit from letting their employees feel free to choose what they want work on; new innovation should be rewarded with innovation bonuses.
Mastery and Purpose are the motivating factors that employees secretly want in a work environment. This is why people pick up hobbies to be the best they can be at something they feel is rewarding. People want something to challenges their ability to solve and overcome problems;