Engine: Introduction and Man B&w Diesel Essay

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In the mid-1980s, MAN B&W introduced the well-known chamber seat on exhaust valves. During the past 15 years this design has resulted in significantly increased

from MAN B&W Diesel

W-SEAT enhances durability of MC exhaust valves
7 February 2001

Now MAN B&W Diesel A/S introduces the W-SEAT as a replacement for the chamber seat. The W-SEAT has been developed during several years of research and tests with the aim of increasing the time between overhauls even further. Very positive results have been achieved during these tests with the new geometry of the W-SEAT, which retains the temperature reducing features of the chamber seat and combines them with two narrow concentric contact areas. The effect is that all carbon particles which happen to be trapped between the spindle and the bottom piece will be crushed and squeezed out and therefore eliminated without giving rise to any appreciable dent marks.

The material selected for the W-SEAT is a solid low alloy steel which is induction hardened on the seating surfaces. Hence the welding of costly hard facing material is avoided, yielding a considerable cost advantage. The introduction of this cost-effective production method has made it possible to reduce the price and simultaneously increase the expected time between overhauls, as well as significantly extend the expected total number of hours in service. The W-SEAT can be used on all types of MC engines, regardless of the spindle type.

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