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New Hires: Engine Line
David Breaker
ECPI University Introduction
As workers of Husqvarna, we are held to a higher standard when it comes to building outdoor products such as lawnmowers, chainsaws, etc. We must follow the main rule of the plant “Quality First”. When working in the final assembly line, problems are a constant concern. The main problems we face deals with the engine. This essay will explain what a two stroke engine is, how it functions and finally the process of stripping the deflective engine away from the lawnmower. When you finish reading this essay, you should be able do one of the most important things required for this position, and that is how to strip a deflective two-stroke engine from a lawnmower.
Two-stroke engine Before we start, you need to know a little bit about a two-stroke engine and its primary functions. A two-stroke engine is an engine that is mainly used in lower-power devices. Two stroke engines are used in devices such as jet skis, dirt bikes, lawn mowers and other petrol powered garden equipment such as whipper snippers, chainsaws and leaf blowers. Two-stroke engines are renowned and used for their simplistic design. Without having valves it reduces weight and reduces complexity of its design. The engine can function in any orientation, this means that it can be moved upside down, around in any direction without the engine stopping. This is why we use these engines for their durability and easier transport.
How it works Two stroke engines in our lawnmowers work in the basic fashion. In order to diagnose the problem, you must know how a good engine functions. The first stroke of a two-stroke engine is the power stroke. This starts from the point where the spark plug fires. Before the plug can fire, the piston must compressed the fuel/air mixture in the cylinder. When the spark plug fires, it creates an explosion. This explosion drives the piston downward which turns the crankshaft, which is attached to the shaft that drives the cutting deck on the lawn mower. As this is happening, the second stroke of the engine, the compressor stroke is compressing the fuel/air mixture that has come from the carburetor, in the crank case. As the piston starts to go down, the exhaust port is uncovered, and the pressure in the cylinder forces most of the exhaust gases out of the chamber. If the lawnmower does not crank it is probably the engine and you will need to dismantle or (strip) the engine.

Stripping the engine The first step in dismantling the engine is to detach the engine from the mower itself. This is achieved by un-doing one primary nut, which is attached from the shaft of the engine to the cutting deck of the mower. There are also four smaller nuts that are attached the engine to actual mower frame. These bolts can be undone with a medium-size shifter. If the large bolt “cracks" that is fine, because it was probably on tight, so tap it with a hammer until it falls off. Upon removing the engine from the frame of the mower, the casing over the…