Engineer: Incandescent Light Bulb and Bulb Essay

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Task/Title: Bulbs
The picture presents comparison between four kinds of bulbs. The first type on the left is Traditional incandescent (TI) which produces light with a wire filament heated by an electric through it until it glows, second bulb beside the (TI) is Halogen incandescent (HI) which has a small amount of a halogen such as iodine inside the bulb prevents wear on the filament allowing it to glow brighter, next to it on the right there is the Compact fluorescent (CFL) which is a fluorescent lamp designed to replace an incandescent lamp excited gas in a CFL tube emits ultraviolet photons, which coax the bulb’s coating to email visible light, the last type on the right is the Light-emitting diode (LED) which is contains many small semiconductor units; each emits light when a voltage is applied
The picture shows several difference between the bulbs but they are equal in total amount of visible light emitted by each bulb which is 1600 lumens. When we look on top of the picture we see the approximate wattage needed to produce 1600 lumens, we note that the first bulb on the left (TI) needed to 100 watts but with wasted energy up to 90%, on the right of (TI) there is the (HI) which is needed to 77 watts and the wasted energy is about 85%, on the right of it there is the (CFL) and it need to 23 watts and the wasted energy is about 50%, the fourth type of bulb in the picture on the far right is the (LED) which is need to only 20 watts with less than 40% wasted energy. Under