Engineer Interview Report Essay

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On November 18, I interviewed with Brian Lai who is the applications engineer in Nassda Corporation. The meeting was held in a restaurant at 6 p.m., right after he finished his work on the day. The meeting was so exciting and informative. We spent more than one hour in the restaurant and for the dinner. The purpose of my interview was to seek information about electrical engineering and obtain more information on how to achieve my career goal. At the beginning of the interview, I asked him about his background and his education. He came from Hong Kong when he was 15 years old. In 1998, he received his bachelor degree at University of California in Berkeley. He told me that he had an internship with Sun Microsystems before he graduated. …show more content…
Besides having written skills, they also need outstanding oral communications skills. Most of the time, they need to persuade their customers for buying their programs. As they design a new product, the engineering teams need to explain and describe their products. There are several reasons. First, they are the people who design the products and they should be the people who best know the products. Second, the customers may have some technical problems during the conference. If there are engineers in the conference, they could answer their questions professionally and gain the confidence from their customers. Finally, the engineers know the costs and budget of their products. If the customers want to bargain the price, they would know the lowest price of their products. After that, I asked him about the environmental policy in his company. He said Nassda Corporation meets all government requirements. Nassda Corporation has had longstanding corporate policies of protecting the environment and natural resources. They save natural resources by reusing and recycling materials such as purchasing recycled materials and using recyclable packaging and other materials. In addition, they participate in efforts to improve environmental protection and understanding around the world and share appropriate pollution prevention technology, knowledge, and methods. The interview was informative and interesting. After the interview, I know the most important things of my academic