Engineering: Mobile Phone and Online Games Essay

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During my childhood, my connection to nature was a priority. I cannot remember a day where I was not running outside in my back yard, barefooted, playing soccer with my family and friends. Until the age of 11, I lived in Tunisia, my hometown. I can honestly say that those days were the highlights of my journey and was completely different of my way of living today. My daily routine was riding my four wheel bike, eating the best croissant from the baker next door and playing hide and seek with the neighbours. I did not know the meaning of "technology", we didn't have laptops and mobile phones were very rare... My father had a mobile phone with a huge antenna, I didn't even know how to use the remote of the TV, neither compose a number on the landline telephone. Back then, we didn't need to use any technology, it was just something that we saw in the movies. Therefore, we had fun but without any technology, we used to play cards, go to the stadium to watch soccer games and much more... When I turned 11, we moved to Dubai, I discovered a new world, new people and a new way of living. I had to learn how to use a computer in school because everyone was already good at it. It was very awkward for me, and everyone was surprised of how I wasn't able to use a computer or use a phone. I discovered new people and a new ways of having fun: my classmates used to play video and online games. I was completely lost, I couldn't make friends because I was way too different, and in their eyes, a stranger. With time, I was able to fit into this new society, I had to take intense computer learning classes and my parents bought me a playstation that