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My Experience in English 106
Loni Sibley
AIU Online English 106_U5IP

This is a reflection essay on my experience in AIU Online’s English class 106. This essay consists for me looking over the last five weeks and talking about my experience with the class. In result for doing so I have come to realize my experience with English 106 was challenging but rewarding.

My Experience in English 106 Going back to school has been great so far for me. IT has had its challenges as well as its rewards. Challenges like my English class for example. One challenge I had in English 106 was being a single mother and balancing all the work/live chats. Another challenge I had was that English is by far not my best subject and I did not have enough constructive criticism in the Discussion Boards from my class mates. That really the only bad things everything else was very rewarding. I say rewarding because taking English 106 has helped in bettering my writing skills. I would have to say in all my experience in English 106 was challenging but very rewarding.
Challenge One
One challenge I had with this course was being a single mom. I say this is a challenge only because I really need to precipitate in the live chats, Well with English 106 the live chats were at 5pm. Im a first time mom with no help what so ever, so its extremely important that I keep my 1yr old on a schedule so I can fit everything I need to into one day. According to my sons schedule he eats dinner at 6pm so bed time is at 8. This means that I have to start cooking dinner at 5 with a screaming child standing at the baby gate because mommy is doing something. This makes it really hard to attend the live chats and ask the questions as we go over the material like I need to do to get a full comprehension of the assignment. In reflection this was a challenging experience in English 106.
Challenge Two
The second challenge I had with English 106 was on the discussion board. English is my worst subject as far as school goes. Im a single mom so there is no one to help me with my revision process. The discussion board is one reason I chose AIU Online because I could post my assignment, count on classmates to read and comment with corrections. This is the helpfulness I thought I would experience. I believe it was a couple weeks in when I stopped hoping people would actually help with revising on the DB. For example last week was really busy for me, I had to do a lot of work late at night days of going on like two-four hrs sleep a day, I managed to get my DB post done and had worked really hard so I was sure I’d get a strait A. Well…