Engl 1102 Adaptation Project Reflection Paper

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Meghan Armento
Dr. Chelsea Rathburn
ENGL 1102
29 April 2014
Beauty and the Beast Adaptation Project: Reflection Paper Beauty and the Beast is a classic Disney movie about a prince who is transformed into a Beast, for not understanding true love - causing himself cast under a spell, and a young lady named Belle who becomes imprisoned within his giant castle. One quote most memorable from this movie is quoted by Belle, “And for once it might be grand to have someone understand. I want so much more than they’ve got planned.” In the beginning of the movie, Belle states this quote, as she is strolling though the town proceeding with a song “Bonjour” tying in as a musical. This beginning illustrates the townsfolk, along with Belle feeling as if she does not belong, and wants happiness more rather than to fit in with everyone and marry the richest man in town. I chose to adapt this movie, because it affiliated to every girls love fantasy as a little girl, including my own. The beautiful and romantic love story captured my attention . Also, the deeper and most conveyed meaning is what I fell in love with the most; it is not what is on the outside that matters, but what is on the inside that matters most. Beauty and the Beast illustrates this symbolic meaning through an incredible animated film as a love story between two polar opposite people. It also portrays the conflicts Belle went through, understanding her love for Beast, while feeling like she did not belong in her hometown. Through all of this, her father understood and accepted her love for the Beast, and allowed her to leave and follow what made her happy. Feeling I could relate to the deeper meanings conveyed, I decided to use this movie as the basis for my adaptation project. Instead of changing the original 1991 Beauty and the Beast and adapting it into a short story, I decided to choose a different medium rather than a short story or video. I decided to make a graphic novel using my idea as the four most popular scenes from the movie. The first scene I conveyed through my own pictures and actors was the confrontation between Belle and the Beast in the castle, when Belle discovered the owner of the castle is an animal. The second scene consisted Belle and the Beast; while she is confined to the castle, the Beast makes an attempt to make her happy and takes her outside to feed birds, where they start to bond in their relationship. The third scene is after the attack from the townsfolk on the Beast, in which he gets shot by an arrow and is dying on the castle’s balcony while Belle is hovering over him. In this scene when Belle shows her true feelings and caring for the Beast, the spell is lifted and he transforms back into his original body as a human. My last scene is when Belle and the Beast are face to face, and Belle realizes it is the prince, Adam. This scene ends with them kissing as they have fallen in love for each other. This romantic aspect is the main center of the Disney classic, containing multiple musical elements. With these romantic elements, I was able to incorporate them into my pictures within my graphic novel. Through the process of building my graphic novel in the program, InDesign, I dealt with multiple issues. With the program being a Pointer Program, the links between my files