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Technology and its Effect on Social Isolation
DeVry University

Technology has an impact on almost everyone’s lives these days. People communicate with Facebook and text messages other than calling people on the phone or actually going to visit that person. This is becoming a problem, because the more involved with technology we are the less we are involved with socialization. Imagine a world where all we have is computers everywhere and they do everything for us, would people remember how to interact with one another? This is the problem I don’t want to see happening, so many companies are trying to think of the latest and greatest technology and don’t care about the effect on the
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In the past ten years the video game industry has really taken off and is a big deal today. So much of a big deal that the Video Game industry has surpassed the movie industry. The one-day record holder for a movie premiere is Spiderman 3, which brought in $59 million in ticket sales on its opening day. Spring's opening blockbuster brought in $500 million in sales. It was the biggest entertainment opening ever. But it wasn't a movie…Grand Theft Auto IV, a video game, recorded sales of $310 million… on its first day. This is a prime example on how much technology has an impact on our lives. In one single day a video game has amassed over $300 million dollars’ worth of sales in America. Also video game sales grew 40% from last year, the sales grew to $18.8 billion per year. (“The Video Game,” 2008) This is incredible but we must learn how to use technology in moderation.
The problem with video games is simply that is allows us to escape from a reality in which we can forget about our problems. When we play a game such as the Sims for example, we can create a fantasy life and do whatever we want without consequences because it is in a game. Today, 68% of people in households play computer or video games. (“The Video Game,” 2008) This is the huge problem with video games now a days and then seem to just getting more and more violent. In many games the person who comes in first place has to be that violent person. They have to do the most in