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Tarryn Morris

John Lennon has made a huge impact on the music world and continues to inspire future songwriters, singers, and musicians. He started his music career when he was very young because of his loss of his mother and not present father. His first steps in being a musician was by being apart of a high school band called The Quarrymen. When Lennon had gotten older he had met McCartney at one of his gigs and he asked him to join a band that he was forming that they later called The Beatles. Being apart of the world famous group the beatles really made his career take off in the 1960s and they achieved so much success with top hits and stellar albums.
John Lennon’s career in the beatles led to great opportunities for him. They produced many top hit songs in the UK that shocked a nation. They earned most of their living while playing in clubs in Liverpool and Hamburg. The band traveled many places and performed on some major shows and next thing they knew they were one of the best bands out there. In 1970 they all decided to go on solo tours to focus on their own music. Lennon by himself was responsible for 25 number one hit singles(John). Rolling Stones also named him the fifth greatest singer of all time(John). During his solo career he married his wife and partner Yoko Ono who he produced music with and spent the rest of his life with.
Later in his life while he protested the Vietnam War was threatened with deportation from the president at the time, Nikon. After