Lord Of The Flies Chapter 1

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1) The two factions that seem to be forming are Jacks side (radicals) and Ralph’s side (reform).
2) The boy with the mulberry birthmark is the one who started the rumour of the 'beastie'. The creepers gave him the nightmare of the beasties.
3) a) The part of this chapter that is orderly is the beginning, where everyone is using the conch and waits their turn to speak when they are establishing rules.
b) 3 parts of this chapter where order breaks down into total confusion are
i. When the little boy mentions the beastie he saw ii. When the fire was mentioned and they all ran up the mountain in chaos ii) When they realized they hadn't written down names, and that the birth marked boy was missing
4) The promises that Ralph makes to the children that show his lack of wisdom are as follows:
i. That his dad will find them and they will be rescued ii. That they will all have fun iii. That there is no danger on the island
5) Symbolism in each of the following:
i. Snakes/monsters represent fear and evil, like how the snake in the garden of Eden represented evil. ii. creepers represent evil and negativity 'creeping' in to the boys iii. Fire represents hope and also danger when you have way too much power iv. The conch represents authority, democracy and power

Journal 1
The phrase lord of the flies is a literal translation of the Hebrew word Beelzebub. In many verses, Beelzebub is referred to as the prince of Devils.
Q- what do you think holding is trying to say with the title?
There is a devil, an external force of evil
The devil is inside man?

The book title 'Lord of the Flies' suggests and foreshadows many things to come in this novel. The first thought that comes to mind before knowledge of the Hebrew translation is something to do with rot and decay, as flies are found by decomposition. Perhaps it's because of all the dead bodies from the plane crash? After gaining the knowledge of the translation, deeper and more thoughtful ideas can come into play. From what I have read so far, I think that what Golding is suggesting with the title is that the devil is inside man. I think this because from the description of