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English 101

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There are many ways to understand the term " exile " . In the ancient time the term " exile " is considered a serious problem that led you banned from your own country . However, in the new modern life the term
" exile " has brought up a new meaning. It's not about the banned anymore is all about the disaffection with society and consciously choosing to live elsewhere to have a better life and in fiction the theme of
“exile“ has engaged the imagination of many writers in the course of literary history . As individual as the people experiencing and writing about it. America is considered to be a nation of immigrants, "a nation of
Immigrants". Most immigrants are derived from ancient Europe and has built up our society today, they still account for the majority since then.
However the number of peoples and nations in the US a lot and every city, the rate that the different split. When at home I thought about

America with skyscrapers, cars each successive row on the road, but when coming to a new place I know that America is still very much the slums, the poverty . And the first time I've participated in volunteer activities in a orphanage along with my friends. At home, I'm only familiar with the care of their parents, but right now I know to take care of all the problems around me. United States teached me that you can’t always depend on you parent . You have to do it all by yourself .For example , many of teenage in United States are have a strong independent mind they are move out and stop living with parent in very young age . Because of living in the United States I'm getting used to the independent life, self shopping, cooking, arrange for his life. Those are only little work, but it makes me grow up a lot. Winter, cold, cold frostbitten much more than in
Vietnam. At my country, I learned English only "I" and "you" but as to this,
I know, not always of address is "leveling" like that. Once i go to a
American home to play, I came across a conversation between grandmother and brother make me notice, she asked, "Do you want some biscuits?", He replied, "Yes," she was immediately reminded "Please", and immediately, he must say again, "Yes, please". Since then, I understand that no matter what language is polite, courteous and needs

to be placed on top . At my country, I hardly ever say thank you, because it shows how the formal basis,