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I have been challenged in many ways since I separated last February from the United States Air Force; however I wanted a new start. I have been thinking about making a change in my job, a change or the same old routine day in and day out. After twelve years of being out of high school, I have finally decided to go to college to improve my quality of life and to be more competitive in the job field.
There are many reasons that lead me to make the decision to go to school. First I would like to get a different job that has more stable hours; something that works for both me and my son that keeps both of us happy. With my decision I thought about what would I like to do in this new career? I looked around at several different professions that I was interested in. I ultimately decided I want to get into a branch of law enforcement. Law enforcement has always been something I was interested in, as far back as I can remember when I was younger. I feel that my Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice will open a lot more opportunities for me to move up in the world and be even more proud of myself. Secondly I believe going back to school will make me a better role model to my son when he gets older and understands the obstacles I overcame to earn my degree. I hope that this would instill in him to better himself and purse a higher education to achieve better things for his life. And last but not least I believe a Bachelors Degree will help me be more finically stable they my current situation and to give my son a better life.
There are also many obstacles ahead of me that I must overcome as well. First one is I have full custody of my son, so I have him all the time day and night 24/7 365; it’s a very demanding schedule, between picking him up from school, spending whatever time I can with him, taking him to the babysitter and getting him again after work. This requires my full