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Courtney LaPrairie
English 101
Adam Milliet
8 December 2014
Good vs. Bad Being proposed with the question of what is good writing and what is bad writing threw me off guard. This question could be answered in many different ways, some simpler than others. Writing has little to do with skill, but more with perseverance and the person that it comes from. Simply put, good writers keep going while bad writers seem to quit at the sign of a road block. There is no real definition of what good writing can be. It can be seen differently through many eyes, but one thing I know that good writing comes from a person who is willing to practice. They are willing to practice their spelling and their grammar which are main components of writing. Good writers take time to write and do not rush what they are creating. They spend days creating and editing just to make sure their writing comes out the way they intended it to. Also good writers take criticism well. When someone doesn’t like their work, they accept it and use it to improve their writing for the next time. Good writers know that rough drafts suck and are always looking for ways to improve their papers. What makes good writing is someone who believes in what they are writing about. If the writer does not believe what they are saying then neither will their audience. A good writer always writes with their audience in mind and always willing to revise their work so that it stays focused on what the audience would want to read. Good writing doesn’t necessarily come from the structure of the work, but instead, the contents and the message that it portrays. Good writing always makes sense and has a purpose. It answers the readers’ questions and doesn’t leave anything confusing. They aren’t repetitive and always have good points in their writing. In good writing the language and grammar are always appropriate for the audience. Good writing comes from a writer who can communicate well and knows how to portray their thoughts thoroughly and clearly. Good writers know that they are not perfect, and are always looking for a way to better themselves and their writing abilities. Being a good writer is important in any occupation or situation you may end up in. Just like in the case of good writing, bad writing has no definition, but instead comes from the person who wrote it. Bad writers always seem to jump the gun and assume that their writing has reached its highest potential. Bad writing usually comes from clichés that every writer uses such as transition words or the everyday high school five paragraph essay. It comes from the lack of spelling and grammar and the carelessness of the writer. But there are many people with perfect English who are very bad at writing. They tend use over the top, complicated and obscure words to try and prove their own intelligence rather than words that are best suited to the point they are