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The use of social media sites like Facebook has become a daily routine for many people all around the world that is affecting marriages. 56% of divorce cases involve one party having an obsessive interest in pornographic websites and 30% due to the use of Facebook (Barlette 1). This is where people can interact with their family members and friends by sharing pictures and expressing how one feels by updating their status. In the term of relationship, if someone’s significant other has a Facebook it can cause their partner to do a big amount of surveillance on their page. Facebook brings forth questions and issues concerning something written, or commented that’s regarding the individual’s significant other. The majority amount of time spent on these social networks engaged in contact with members of the opposite sex tends to create jealousy and a lack of trust which can lead to the relationship ending. Pornography sites can also be a major threat to relationships and marriages that is not a private choice without public consequence and can alter both sexual attitudes and behavior. Mary Brophy Marcus states “The internet makes it much easier to start a relationship, get caught and make a relationship come to an end” (1). The use of social media sites like Facebook and pornography sites can affect intimacy in romantic relationships that can cause jealousy, self-disclosure, strains intimacy and trust issues.
The emotional intimacy dimension of love is best characterized by feeling love for someone rather than being "in love" with them. It mainly focuses on liking, friendship, trust and feelings of emotional closeness that result from being able to share one's deepest thoughts and feelings with a partner. Intimacy is achieved through a process by which one comes to know one's partner through increasing levels of self disclosure of one's thoughts and feelings. During the early stages of a relationship when the participants are still getting to know one another, strong passionate emotions may result from increasingly intimate levels of disclosure. Later, after the partners have gotten to know each other well, feelings of closeness, friendship, warmth, and caring will tend to take over. For emotional intimacy to show, both partners must be understanding, open, supportive, and must feel like they can talk about