English 102 Reflective Essay

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This spring semester, English 102 has help me with different techniques in writing. Learning at an average pace with the right professor, practice, and studying. Which I gain better writing skill that allowed me to produce quality work. This improvement help me with my writing skills that require a lot of multiple-paragraph essays. That really help me with grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. In addition, it gave me strategies to use when writing my essays and also gave me the ability to improve.
In English 102 we did a lot of essay, responses, exercises and quizzes to help us gain knowledge in knowing how to write, how an essay is formatted, term, citation etc.. When it comes down to essay like compare and contrast, argumentative,
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Which are often linked in a chain. Within my first essay, impact social media has within society. I talk about how social media is influenced in many factor in a negative way. Social media can thus be seen as a threat as people can set out to harm through invasion of privacy. Social media is bad because it affects one's privacy and communication skills. Another essay I wrote was compare and contrast essay, meaning similarities and differences within something. Were drugs these days have been increasing and have been used as a negative factor. Crack and Cocaine may appear similar when glancing at it, but there is many differences between the two drugs that people should be more aware about when it comes down to their function and its effect within the body. Lately the research paper, I would say was the most difficulty essay I have done this semester. Due to the fact of thinking of a topic, having an outline and overall writing a complete essay of female circumcision begin a negative impact within society. Also the workshop, when reserving essay or letting someone reserve my essay. This play a big impact in becoming a better writer. This course definitely help me to prepare for the next