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Terrell Sinclair
Mr. Warner
English 11
The rise of realism was a rise in newspapers, journalism, magazines, and etc. in the 1830s. The media began to dominate during this time period and the people who were in it. The writers in the media were telling their readers how corrupt there government was so Theodore Roosevelt called them “muckrakers”
Many writers from this time period were very well liked for instance Samuel Clemens other known by his pen name Mark Twain. He grew up in Missouri, in a town called “Hannibal”. His book that is read today “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” shows his outlook of his younger days. Most writers during this time period wrote in a sentimental and elegant style, while Mark Twain style was realistic and vigorous. Mark Twain was one of the first major writers to become known during this time period and his books always captured a distinctive outlook of the government.
Mark Twain’s book “Adventure of Huckleberry Finn” it was a book that was liberating and also at odds with society. This book is a great example since it talks about a boy name Huck Finn who follows his conscience and free Negro slaves. This book was published in 1884 and it was a masterpiece it is a story that is based on Hucks way of life. The story starts as Huck Fin being adopted into a good family but then he runs away because his drunken dad threatens Hucks life so Huck runaway. Huck later befriends an outcast named Jim; Jim is a slave who later becomes a father figure for Huck. This is also what shapes Huck into someone who decides to free other Negros. Mark Twain style of writing is about his current government and his style of writing is full of illusions.
The next writer who was a very good and known man was Henry James. He used a international theme in most of his stories. His style of writing was difficult for the people in his era but he was second greatest writer in this time period. His writing was sophisticated and highly conscious. He exploited many new things in his time like feminism and social reform. He wrote a story with naïve Americans and Europeans which show is international theme. James tried to write for the theater but it failed epically when his actor was booed of stage. And later his works become more psychological than sophisticated.
Naturalism is something that became more aware when America began to become more urbanized. People started to realize how the economy grew, most people resided in their homes and other