English 11 Hawthorne Lookalike Writing Essay

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Dark Fantasy A group of stately gentlemen, in clean-pressed suits and black, spit-shined shoes, accompanied by personal guards, some remaining alert for a potential hazard, and others more relaxed, was gathered inside the entrance to the MGM Grand, the doors of which was lined with crystal, and decorated with platinum specks. The architects of this modernized castle, an elite group of highly educated individuals, spared no expense at the erection of the structure. The 50 ton, 45 feet tall bronze statue of a lion, which resides in front of the entrance, is one of many examples that demonstrate the architects immense amount of financial wherewithal. With this knowledge, it may safely be assumed that the architects of this magnificent building are men who are well accomplished in their respective field. Thus, it only seems logical for the interior and exterior, alike, to be remodeled several times between the original opening and present day because of their infinite desire to improve there work. Certain it is, that, the superior design of the building has allowed for it to remain unscathed, throughout the industrious periods since its original opening, some 25 years ago. Despite the lavish building and scenery surrounding the edifice, across the street a single vagrant could be seen attempting to draw charity from pedestrians, in this month of December, quite a pitiful sight, nonetheless. The beggar, by an off chance, had survived in a city filled with so much haste;