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Kimberly Leaks
Ms. Holmes
18 April 2013
Ms. Kimberly M. Leaks
On October 21, 1993 a baby girl was born. Such a small being who would grow to have such big dreams. My name is Kimberly Maquita Leaks. I was born and raised in a small city called Thomasville in Georgia. I am the daughter of Elbert Leaks and Ella Taylor. I have six siblings all boys and I being the only girl and also the baby of the family. I Enjoy spending time with family and friends, my family and friends and Jesus Christ are my back bones, I am a true family and friend oriented person. I am also a very kind hearted and sweet young lady. I love to smile and laugh, I simply try to surround myself with others that are the same. I’m also super friendly and full of personality, I really enjoy helping and caring for others.
I have many hobbies, I love to sing, attend church, hang with family and friends, talk, dance, clown/ joke around and really just brighten up other people’s lives. I am attending Darton State College to get a great start in the psychology field. As I said previously I just try to be a positive outlet for other, I am really good at counseling and talking to people about their problems. That’s simply why I believe going to school to be a psychologist is the best profession for me. I enjoy learning about the mind and why people react and do things the way they do. I somewhat have a preference of people I enjoy working with though. I enjoy working with adults dealing with their marriage