English 1102 Reflection

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For as long as I could remember I have never been the strongest writer. There has always been a strong place in my heart for the art of writing. I enjoy it very much and my goal is to become the best writer that I can be. Hard work and studying the craft over the years have increased my ability. Honestly, this first semester of college has been a test and has pushed me to further limits and heights in order to better myself. I can truly say that this year has tested me in many ways the road has been tough. I'm only anxious to what my future holds in my english 1102 class. Hopefully with everything I've gained this semester This will allow me to have a strong edge, that allows me to channel my new tactics on the writing process.
I remember entering
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Prior until this year I could never put my finger on what area I could use more help in. Now I feel a bit more comfortable. One strength that I gained for a fact is developing ideas and allowing my creativity to show in my writing. This skill is great to have and I appreciate this because, In my earlier life I lacked the edge to express my ideas. Simply because I was afraid of laying everything out on the table. I didn't want too much of me to be out in the open. With a little more experience and becoming comfortable with who I am. This is long in the past and i'm thankful for this happening to me because it made me a better writer. One of my weakness I want to come out in the open about is embarrassing but, I would have to say it is grammar. I know that my whole life I have worked on things like clauses, phrases and all that good stuff. That is a fact and it is understood but, we are all different. My obstacles consist of, the basics like comma placements get me everytime. Sometimes in my head I think a sentence can use a comma but in reality it doesn't. So whenever I'm in a pickle like this I use my Norton English textbook to keep me