English 111 Research Paper

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English 111 section 0003 was a difficult class for me, but I powered through it. I have always struggled with English. One rule I live by is always put 100% effort into everything. If you try your best a fail then at least you can move on without feeling doubtful. This way I will not look back and say “Well if I would have tried harder than I would have been successful.” One place I have never put 100% in is English. I look back now and wish I did. I should constantly work on my participation, progress, performance. I would rate my overall participation a B average. I had four absences and sometimes I would forget my book out in my car. I always showed up to class on time. I participated in class activities. When Professor Kennedy would ask us to go up and write something on the board, I always went up. I would ask questions when I was confused and I helped my fellow class mate when they were confused. One area I did not put …show more content…
I had my areas where I excelled and I had my areas where I struggled. One area I excelled was writing essays. I made a good grade on my Pre-Test Essay. I have always been a great writer when it comes down to me writing about myself or something that has happened in my life. The overall quality of my phrases could use some work. I need to on broadening my vocabulary. If I was to work on my vocabulary, I would be able to make a better grade on my essays. I can be a strong writer if I just sit down, with no distractions, and focus on what I’m writing. Being a college student is a journey, a hard journey. In high school everything is handed to you on a platter. In college you must work hard for your grade and you only get the grade you deserve. I feel like I deserve a C in English 111. I have worked hard in some areas, but I also played and procrastinated in some. I have learned through this class not to play around and to do my work and turn it in on time. Becoming a college student was a