English 1113 Accomplishments

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My accomplishments for English 1113 is that I have learned how to write a classical argument paper I already had an idea, but all the examples giving in class help because even though I knew the main ideas how to write a classical argument paper. However, my grades would probably will show that I didn’t get the ideal of the paper. In English, I personally think its one of my weeks spots because I have a hard time to think of a topic to write about.
My challenge as a writer is able to be focused on while typing my paper and to think of a topic to write about. When an assignment is first given out, I try my best to get a head start and once I start to write I feel motivated to finish, but once I have to stop I cannot pick up myself up to get my work done. I do my work before the due days and that’s because I know it has to be done. As a student my challenges for is to be able to have a good grades and finish all my work on time and always being class on time and listen in class I like to daydream on of the skills have learned is to take notes when proffer Bloomberg is giving lectures.
My advice to future students, is to do the work when its sign to not wait last minute to finish the work and to not plagiaries any papers. Future students should always go to the
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My second goal, is to be organized with my paper lay it out in some way it all goes together without having redo the whole paper. My third goal, is to not be shy to talk to those around me and see if they could me figure my issue or misunderstand of the assignment. My fourth goal, is to have reedit my paper about 3 times it’s what I usually do but I been lazy lately. Finally my fifth goal, is to make sure I do my other goals. I would have to write down everything just to make sure I accomplishment my