English 1301 Essay

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Huyen Huynh
Instructor Vincent Mosby
History 1301 – 29450
Tue/Thu 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
16 September 2014
Writing Assignment #2

Article I
People can join the religion they want to, they have the freedom to talk and have the right to petition the government for problems or injustice.
Article II
People are legally allowed to own and use weapons.
Article III
Soldiers who want to stay in people’s houses in time of peace must have the owners’ permissions or the command in the time of war.
Article IV
No one can violate people’s houses, papers, and property. No warrants can be issued if it is not reasonable, not supported by Oath or affirmations and not be described where to be searched and which or who is captured.
Article V Without a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, nobody is responsible for a capital or a infamous crime, but the cases that occur in military, navy in the time of war or society’s dangerous time will be exceptions. Nobody is sentenced twice to the same crime which is related to life or limb; nobody is forced to be a witness against themselves in criminal cases; nobody is deprived of life, liberty, property without a process of law; without compensation, private property will not be taken for public’s use.

Article VI All criminal trials are quick and public. They take place in where the crimes occur or be previously prescribed. The accused must be previously notified about the nature and cause of accusation; they can confront with the