English 1301 Project 4 Essay

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Kreston Joyner
Bob Ross
English 1301
October 22, 2014
I might sound a little funny but I would say you can compare Mario to Spider Man, or most super heroes that discover their powers later in life.
Mario is a simple guy in the beginning of the story, he works as a postman because it is a job and because he wants to meet people. Of the people he sees at this job, he meets the love of his life Beatrice Gonzalez, and his influential adviser, Pablo Neruda
Spider man starts off as a loser in high school. He is a nerd who takes pictures for the school new paper, and has a hidden crush on a girl names Mary Jane. He lives with his Grandma and she is his advice that he gets while taking on challenges in his life.
Much like Peter finds his power from the spider, Mario finds his ability for Poetry from working as a Postman. He learns poetry from a man named Neruda who happens to be very well known for his skills in literacy and speaking.
The advice he gets from Neruda is used to win over the love of his life Beatrice, much like Spider Man uses his power to win over Mary Jane without her knowing his true identity. They can be compared very easily to me because it is pretty much the main story for any love scenarios.
Now of course they are different because Mario isn’t a superhero and although he sways his lover with his abilities like any superhero would do, Mario doesn’t have any powers. He isn’t looked up to by lots of people, he doesn’t use his ability to help everyone around him, and he doesn’t do it for a kiss either; no, Mario got some crazy sex from his admirer. So, all around his values and a superhero’s values are very different.
I would say The Postman can be compared to almost any story because of the way it is written.