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Hammond 1
Brett Hammond
Professor Waugh
English 151
2 March 2015
True Grit: Local Chiropractor Builds Business On Hard Work & Dedication At Health First Chiropractor Associates in Pickerington, Ohio, Dr. Schone a well renowned chiropractor begins to examine my neck and back to adjust its alignment. Shortly after the adjustment we were in his office, Dr. Schone walked in looking like well dressed business man wearing a light blue dress shirt, black sweater, black tie, black dress pants, and, black oxford shoes. Schone is all about personal wellness and nutrition, so he always keeps himself in tip top shape and
“As healthy as an ox” so he says laughing. He begins on saying he knew in early life that he was not born with special talents to carry him through life. He developed habits of GRIT (hard work) from his parents that helped him out work anyone and everyone. In fact it was his very first goal to make sure that he did exactly that. Schone’s sister at age 9 had developed a very bad curvature of the spine called a scoliosis. His parents had taken her to several Orthopedics and doctors to examine her lower back. Different type of medications were tried and were unsuccessful in limiting her pain. The next choice was surgery and a back brace for six months, his parents didn’t like that option so they took her to a local chiropractor. She received care and they were astounded at how much better she
Hammond 2 got through the process. Schone began to learn more about chiropractors and what type of patients they helped. When he was only fourteen he knew that this was going to be his profession. For his second goal he began looking into the requirement for Chiropractor College and began taking the necessary biology, chemistry, and science classes in high school. His parents both worked hard to help his 7 brothers and sisters with basic necessities, but were not able to pay for any of their college tuitions. He accomplished his third goal by applying for a job at a factory (J.I.Case Co.) two weeks before he graduated high school to be able to pay for his college education. His fourth goal was to complete his education and get his Doctor of Chiropractor degree, which he received on September 7th, 1981. These were the first four goals that he accomplished that made the biggest impact on his life. “These four accomplishments paved the way for everything else that has developed in my life” he says.

Dr. Schone had to face and overcome many obstacles that let to his great success. Working full time while going to college taking thirty-three class hours is not something easily done. With work and school this took seventeen hours of his day. He begins to change his tone giving me a serious look saying. “ I had no social life and I knew that, but if I could just stay with this for eight years, I could transform my life and that’s exactly what I did.”

Hammond 3 While in college he married the women of his dreams and had a child at the age of twenty-one with four years of college left. “To continue with my dream I made a huge sacrifice to my family being seventeen hours a day not being with them and that was hard” he says sadly. After he graduated he moved his family away from their families in Iowa to Ohio to set up his office. “ This was a major obstacle because my wife and I we were both from Iowa and would greatly miss