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Jace Castillo
Professor Ramser
English 1A
April 13 2013
Technology Era Since the release of the first computer in the 1980's technology has been taking a slow progressive change on people's current everyday life. A computer's typical use was to help document and keep records of files, but evolved to something more. It began consuming too much of one's time with updates, and entertainment that comes available with the owner's expense. Therefore, it would be reasonable to consider limiting the use of computers depending on the use to invoke more activity. Posing a new threat to society and how we communicate. A reason for why and how it poses a threat is, because manufacturers are making technology more accessible anywhere. Not limited to computers, but for phones, and mp3's.
For computers, they've created a tablet or laptop for portable use anywhere. Phones turned into smart phones for accessing and browsing the internet. And for mp3 players, they are becoming more smaller to accommodate one's pants pocket and other small crevices. This easy access to the internet makes people distracted and turns them away from communicating formally. Which is face-to-face talking, and if this were to continue societies definition of communicating would be revolved around being at home chatting through a social networking website like facebook.
As easy as it seems to do work and communicate through technology society needs to maintain formal communication for