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What are my experiences with online learning, English class, 21st century education, and college in general?
College in general, has proven to be very different than what I had imagined. I have encountered subjects that I had never learned in High school. College has taught me so far that I need to be very on top of all my assignments. Now that I am an adult, the responsibility is on me. 21st Century education, I would say has become computerized and high tech. Call me old school, but I was very impressed with the electronic white boards at RACC. I feel technology has really helped teachers share more information with Students. It’s easier and much less time consuming, being able to search the internet than skim threw chapters in an English book.
English has always been one of my favorite subjects. The first college English class was last summer at R.A.C.C. It was a very fast pace course because summer semester is short. I enjoyed our writing topics and learning about cited our papers. It was the first time I had learned about M.L.A format and APA format. It did help that our Professor made us feel comfortable to be in a pre-college level class. It was just the dusting off I needed to get my writing skills flowing smoothly. I felt enough confidence after that to be able to take my next English class online. Being able to change my environment of learning from the classroom to taking courses online, in very convenient. English online is much more intimidating than