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Name: Deng – Shi qi
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The book Animal Farm was written by George Orwell, a famous political satirist in England. The book compares the details of the Russian Revolution with the events of Animal Farm. There are lots of similarities between animal farm and Russian revolution though the scheming of Napoleon and Stalin.
There are several of events of Napoleon are similar to the events of Stalin of the Russian revolution. For example, Napoleon looked friendly to Pilkington but he had sold the pile of timber to Frederick. (Page 66) however, the similar thing for Russian revolution was Stalin signed non-aggression pact with his enemy, Hitler in 1938. They both renegaded on their friends. Not only that, the behaviour of Napoleon for satisfy his own goal is also the same as Stalin’s. Napoleon expelled and did wrong to Snowball in order to keep his status. (Page 56). Stalin did as well as he expelled Trotsky in 1928. All in all, there are lots of similarities between Napoleon and Stalin.
From Animal Farm, we can get that exploiting weak and trusting individuals is the nature of human begins. Napoleon is a typical example, he used Boxer who is a henchman of animal ideology. Boxer follows and believes him all the time, however, Napoleon deceived to Boxer and he sold Boxer to a slaughter horse trader. (Page 82) In the Russian revolution, China was a country that believe and support socialist country. But during the World War II, Stalin didn’t help Chinese because he didn’t want to offend America. Over all, Orwell demonstrates what the human nature is from lots of events in this novel.
In fact, the desire for power affect the eventual outcomes of the Russian revolution a lot. Napoleon, he expelled Snowball in order to achieve his aim (Page 36) but he could do anything he wanted. However, Boxer was hard working and he had adopted “I will work harder” as his personal motto (Page18), but in the end he was sold to a slaughter horse trader. At last, the pig was the same as human and other animals’ lives became harder and harder. It is the same as the situation after the Russian revolution. The leaders