English 250 Reflective Report

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My work in English 250 this semester has built upon my knowledge from pervious English classes in order to improve my abilities. I came into the year with relatively little formal paper writing experience, having spent most of my time in high school writing informal papers or short 1 page assignments. As a result of this lack of experience, I started out the semester in English weak. However, this semester has taught me several important processes and procedures that have greatly improved my writing ability. The first graded paper we did for English 250 was the summary on a chapter in the Monsters book. I did not do as well as I had hoped on that assignment, and it taught me several things about my process of writing. One of the first things I discovered was that my writing was unorganized. Rather than writing drafts and editing and revising those drafts, I wrote …show more content…
Coming into college I had done very little presenting, having avoided most of the classes that I would have to present in during high school. I was also nervous about presenting to a new group of people, something that wasn’t as much of a problem in high school. Presenting my TRA and my documented essay greatly increased my confidence in my ability to present. These assignments also taught me how to properly prepare for a presentation. This improvement was shown through the improvement between my first and second speeches. Overall, this class has greatly improved my abilities in several communication areas. It improved my writing abilities in general, teaching me to spend more time on my revision and editing process. It also immensely improved my understanding of visual communication and taught me to be a better presenter and communicator. I hope to take the knowledge from this class and continue to expand upon it as I continue on through engineering, especially with a focus on oral communication, something highly important to my