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Isaac Murray
Oct. 23, 2013
English 3
Year-Round Schooling Picture yourself relaxing in a chair feeling the breeze with the sand in between your toes. It’s October and you aren’t missing any school. They only way this could happen if we had year round school. Since our culture isn’t based on farming during the summer, the September to June calendar isn’t needed anymore. The Blue Springs School District should adopt a year round school because it boosts education, you get more vacation time, and it saves money. Students in most year-round school districts spend the same amount of days in class as students in traditional calendar schools; the days are just arranged differently, with smaller, more frequent breaks throughout the year. The summer break is perhaps only a month, instead of two or three. The year is divided into 45 days on to 15 days off or, 60 days on to 20 days off. People find that it is difficult to schedule sports and other activities around this though. This schedule helps those kids who forget what they have learned over the three month summer vacation. With these short breaks the students are refreshed and ready to get back to school instead of, dreading and wondering when the next vacation days will be. Teacher and student stress are relieved by regular breaks throughout the year; vacation time can be used more creatively; and the curriculum can creatively incorporate seasonal learning (Year-Round Education 1). They claim scheduling is difficult because of practice times for sports. If they keep the same practice times as we do now the only thing needed is an activities bus for those who can’t drive. This wouldn’t waste money because while traditional schedule busses are still driving to and from school every day, this one would be doing the same with less kids that are only on break instead of being at school. For those who can drive they could help by carpooling for those who don’t have rides. By applying a year round schooling schedule kids will boost in education. Some people