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What is love?

People have been trying to unravel the nature of love for years. Many believe that you can truly fall in love only once in a lifetime. But what is love? Everyone asks this question at least once in a lifespan and each time he could not express that in words. Why is this feeling visiting a person and what is the secret of its power over us? How to determine that what we feel for another person is that aforementioned love? Let me start with how I would define “love”. It is the most intimate feeling that a person can experience towards another person. Love is an irresistible attraction to another human being; it is the desire to be with him, to care about him and protect him. It can be also defined as a desire to sacrifice yourself for the sake of a loved one and at the same time do not feel dependent, to be inwardly free, to be yourself. None of these people would be right or wrong, although one thing is certain: love is the most authoritative force in the whole universe.
I believe love is impossible without mutual respect, caring, loyalty, and responsibility. The concept of love includes patience and forgiveness, and mutual respect. You should respect each other; otherwise there can be no love. Partnerships and marriages are often built on common impression that people find thrilling when they first meet. This could be as profound as sharing philosophical or religious beliefs, or as naïve as judging that you love the same book, band or film.
Love it is probably the way you love the minuses of another person. If