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Unforeseen Victories “Success is Counted Sweetest” and “The Road Not Taken” are two significant poems which have many message in common. The most important meaning is about unforeseen victories. While the first poem reveals the melancholy life of Emily Dickinson, the second poem displays the exemplary figure of Mr. Froster. Both poem also share a related theme which expresses the poignant taste of the process one goes through to achieve a true success. For the true experience of life, failures are unavoidable. Thus, what we learn from our failures, success can never teach us. “Success is counted sweetest / By those who ne’er succeed,” these two lines show that success tastes sweeter to the person who has persevered very hard for it, than to a person who has found success effortlessly. The former is also more grateful to God, and cherishes his accomplishment. The word 'nectar' here implies water. To the thirsty ones with parched throats, a drop of water tastes as sweet as nectar. Emily Dickinson describes that failures in life, lack of success, is what makes the actual success so sweet. This female orator puts it very straight to the point separating the winners and losers each still complementing the other. The winner enjoy with his flag on the summit of success and the loser left dying. Notably, this poem is very similar to her own personal life. She had been writing thousand of poems, but never get one publish until so

many years later. The poem obviously describes how she suffer as a “loser,” the feeling of disappointed. Robert Frost
's "The Road Not Taken" is about these quandaries, present in every person's life.Just like trying to pick a path when we're driving or walking, we've all had to choose from different paths in life: which job to take, which college to go to, which girl or boy to ask to homecoming – the list of life's choices is endless. And for every hidden road we take in life, there is a road not taken – the club we didn't join, the class we didn't take, the words we didn't say. many people think this poem is encouraging us to take the road that's less traveled. However, I believe