English 4A Crisis Management Essay

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Kelsi Thern
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English IVA

Crisis Management Essay: 9/11 Attacks, New York, US.

Once I finished looking over several articles on the topic of the 9/11 Attacks on the World trade center, it is much understood that the after effects of the Attacks were evidentially and effectively managed. The Attacks on September 11th of 2001 were definitely unprecedented, but the local emergency and rescue personnel responded quickly and sharply to the crisis. Although, it took much time to get through evacuating and rescuing the sum of 2,700 employees.

Response from local organizations and healthcare centers were immediate. This included: the local fire department of New York, EMS personnel, New York National Guard, U.S. Coast Guard, local police department, Civil Air Patrol, and many more. Time, money, and many resources were needed in order to restore and pay for the damage of these attacks. It took several months to clean up the site. Finally, in May of 2002 the remains of the attack were gone and they were able to start rebuilding the previous World Trade Center. Certainly, nothing will make up for the lives lost that day.

Why did this crisis occur? Many validations can be made about why this event happened. Ron Paul said it was due to the intervention made by the U.S. in the Middle East. He believes it was the motivation behind the attack.
But others would strongly argue that it was due to the terrorists’ incapacity to destroy the U.S. military so they decided to make a more symbolic attack. The Twin Towers symbolizes America’s economic prosperity. The Pentagon symbolized the U.S. Military defense. Al-Qaeda used this terrorist attack to promote Muslim views and what happens to those who work against it.

Could chaos be prevented during this crisis? Chaos couldn’t be completely avoided, only minimized. It was minimized or reduced due to the quick response made by America’s emergency and rescue personnel.

Could the crisis be averted? It fairly sound that, yes, the actions made on 9/11/01 could certainly have been averted. Prevention of 9/11 could have been possible if early action was taken on killing