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Atmary Martinez
English Honors
Mrs. Prothero
Period 6
January 5, 2015

Chapter XI

Quote #1 Immorality/Injustice: " He would, however, when I made him six dollars, sometimes give me six cents, to encourage me." (pg. 96)(¶. 3) This quote shows injustice because all the hard money Douglass earned by working for a week had to be given to Mr. Hugh for being in charge of him and sustaining him but merely gave
Douglass any money because of greed and taking advantage from him when he's working as a freeman but still giving back a small portion of money. I think Douglass included this to demonstrate that even though he works as a freeman he still has to be under the charge of a white owner in order to get a job and earn at least some money which is unfair because when white people work, they aren't under the power of another and don't have to give anyone their money.
Douglass wants the reader to think, after reading this, that when one earns what they deserve, it shouldn't be taken by force then given a small amount of it from another who wants to use the money to be free one day like himself. From this incident, I think that Douglass deserved to keep all of what he earned for himself because it isn't right to just give his money away to someone who really doesn't need the money but will still want it anyways like Mr. Hugh. Quote #2 Courageous: " I felt assured that, if I failed in this attempt, my case would be a hopeless one—it would seal my fate as a slave forever. "(pg. 100)(¶. 5 ) The trait that would apply for Douglass in this quote would be courageous on escaping slavery.
This quote exemplifies the trait, courageous, because…