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In this essay will be discussed and described about two health factors , internal which is a factors inside the human body and external factors is for instance affecting humans around the body, and will be explained how it affects either negative or positive way to human health. There are number of factors which influence health, including genes, obesity, cultural background , stress, social class and many more.
In this article studies describe us about internal factors such as genes and obesity .For example some people are naturally slim, while others have to work hard to maintain their weight, or some people are born predisposed to develop allergies , and others aren’t , and so on. The article of the study explain us that some scientists for instance claim that people may have a genetic link that will result in obesity. There are some rare medical condition in which genes are directly linked to obesity, but for most people there is no single gene for “obesity” . Body weight gain is influenced by a number of different genetic and biological factors that interacts with each other along with external influences such as social class , behaviour and culture. Body weight gain effects on human health a lot by easy access to calorie- rich food , lack of exercise and habitual behaviour which can cause number of illness such as , abnormal heart rhythm ,coronary heart disease , diabetes and depression and social exclusions .
The second factor which will be discussed about school interventions and how they influence on children's health . In the 1930 research showed a link between low income , malnutrition and bad achievement at schools, but after the war in 1946 some changes has been made in British schools , meals where fully established and every child began to receive free milk as to promote healthy eating experienced by people in food poverty. Another change been made over recent years in UK schools involvement of commercial organisations , supermarkets and big companies , donated ‘ equipment to schools in a return for coupons or vouchers, which parents with children had to buy certain food products like chocolate bars. There was a widespread criticism