English: Agar Plate and Functional Media Lab Essay

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Functional Media Lab
Kristin Allen
July 11, 2014

The objective through completing the Functional Media lab is that one would be able to utilize and understand the four different types of functional media, one would also be able to create, compare, and contrast microbial growth on media. My hypothesis was that the bacteria from the “dirtiest” areas of the body would grow the best. The procedure consisted of properly pouring agar plates, swabbing cultures from different areas of the body, then applying them to the agar plates. After allowing them to sit in a secluded area for 72 hours, the analyzing, comparing, and contrasting began. The findings was that the TSA plate typically grew all of the cultures, while the MSA plate only grew bacteria from the perianal and urine cultures. The MAC plate also only grew bacteria from the perianal and urine cultures, while the EMB plate grew bacteria from a variety of sources. My hypothesis did hold true, being that the urine and perianal cultures grew the best in all of the plates, followed by the throat, then the chest lastly. Overall, I learned how to prepare, conduct, and analyze the growth of microbes through the use of functional media. The equipment used in the Functional Media lab consisted of a 100 mL beaker, face mask, fuel burner, metal inoculation loop, safety gloves, 8 60mm petri dishes, safety goggles, sharpie marker, sterile swabs, urine specimen container, test tube rack, thermometer, TSA pour tube, PSA pour tube, MAC pour tube, EMB pour tube, aluminum foil, camera, stove, distilled water, person for specimen. The procedure began by pouring 8 agar plates approximately two hours before actually beginning the experiment. Once the plates were cooled and ready for use, I cleared my work area and put on my safety equipment, then I disinfected the work area with bleach. Next, I labeled each of the plates according to what they were (TSA, MAC, MSA, EMB) and I drew a line dividing the plate in half and labeling each half according to which particular bacteria would be there (skin, throat, perianal, urine). After that I began collecting cultures by using the following procedure: Holding on the wooden stem, swabbing the particular area of the body, swiping an area of the plate quickly and replacing the lid immediately. With the skin and perianal sample, the cotton swab was wetted with distilled water prior to collecting the culture. I then used the metal inoculation loop to streak the area of each of the cultures,…