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Experiment/Interview : Habitats (farming)
There are many things that can go wrong on a farm, or with a farm. It takes a lot of maintenance for one, and it not something that can just be started and finished in one day. It is a life-long job and commitment. I interviewed someone who owns a farm and have collected some very informative information on how to keep up with a farm and the basics needs of a farm. Here is some of the information that I have gathered. If one or a couple of your crops doesn’t get enough rain or even manual watering and it is all you had for the year, you would lose the entire crop and you will not have any seeds for the next year to plant of that crop. What you could do though is buy more seeds if you have money, or you can ask a neighbor, but if that fails you would have to do without. When you have a problem with pests or animals eating or destroying your crops or smaller animals you can get a guard dog to chase off bigger animals that might eat the smaller ones or even kill them. You can get a cat to take care of the mice. And with anything else you can trap and or shoot them. Building a fence around your garden and small animals can help too. The amount of hours and times a day you should tend to and check your garden depends on how much you have to tend to. Tending to your garden and animals is a lot like having chores or an everyday project, you have to take care of them everyday. It takes dedication and it’s a process that takes time. To know how much of one thing or of everything you will need to plant or have to prepare to withstand a harsh winter or any rough weather is by keeping a log or a record of what you needed the previous year. And if you are just starting out with your farm for the first year you can always ask a neighbor or person of experience. You will know when your crops or plants is fully grown by paying attention to the crop or plant everyday from the day you first start to see anything sprouting from the ground. Usually it will change color or change shape. Different signs will tell you different things about the crop or plant. There are certain kinds of animals that can be useful to certain kinds of crops or plants. Some animals that can help the crops or plants are…