English and Spanish Conquerers Essay examples

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England and Spain individually got to the New World. The path they chose to get there was very unalike, though. One concentrated on discovering treasures that would reveal wealth beyond their visions, and the other visualized of forming an everlasting, little civilization that would yield the essential supplies that had become hard to find. Within a small amount of time, Spain discovered the gold and silver it had been in search of but slightly more than that. It established in a region in which a crop growing society could not fruitfully be centered. This led to minor societies of Spanish presiding over enormous tribes of indigenous native Indians. As a long-standing plan, the societies of Spain were not even as close at hand to being as effective as the individuals of England. The English communities were able to produce an unending abode that created large quantities of food and supplies that were greatly required in England. In the long run, the English advanced much more from their settlements than that of Spain. However, the English tried to get the natives to live the way they lived and called them barbarians but did not start a war with them they only isolated themselves from the natives. The Natives in North America probably were wondering who are these strange people and where did they come from. The Spanish on the other hand captured them and made them be native slaves. The Spanish ran into a lot of trouble because of where they placed themselves on their…