Essay on English: Andrea Gail and Fishing

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Dominica Chude Marlborough High School The Perfect Storm Reading Journal Period A

October 25, 2012
Research the fishing industry in New England. Write anything interesting you see anything new you learned about, interesting facts, etc. In addition, REFLECT on the research. Write your thoughts and feelings towards the subject. Do you think you will like this book or not? Why? * Between 1680 and the 1700s was when Gloucester’s fisheries began to reach a volume that was considered as an industry * New England has, for over 400 years, been identified both economically and culturally with ground fishing. * Different kinds of fishing such as cod, haddock, red-fish * In 1831 the catch of Gloucester alone was 69,759 salted barrels * Most families have been fishing for generations and passed down their family business * By 2013, there will be a catching limit for New England fishers * People have been complaining about the * This book does not seem like something I will like to read. My kind of book are fictions because I know that it didn’t happen, so if a scary part happens or if there a part about someone dying then it wouldn’t bother me. Also I will not like this book because it’s about fishing and I hate fishes.
November 7, 2012 Reflect on the quote on page 5 in your book. “It’s no fish ye’re buying, it’s men’s lives.” -Sir Walter Scott, The Antiquary, Chapter 11

This quote can be an example of foreshadowing. How? What does the quote mean and what significance does it have to the story as a whole? This quote shows foreshadowing because it explains that danger is coming in the future. It also shows that fishing is a very dangerous activity to do and it is not easy. Also one can look at the quote like the more fish you buy then the less fish there is which makes the fishing company send more men out to see to fetch more fishes which means risking their lives.
November 8, 2012
Describe three important details Junger gives in pages 9- 16 in as much detail as possible. * Junger explained what a Sword boat is and how long they stay out at sea which means that the fisher men stayed out at sea for many days if there on the Sword boat. “Sword boats are also called long liners because their mainline is up to forty miles long. Its baited at intervals and paid out and hauled back every day for ten or twenty days. The boats follow the swordfish population like seagulls after a day trawler, up to … eight or nine trips a year.” (Pg. 11) * Page 13 talks about the salary of all the men in the boat. 20,000 go to the captain, 6,453 Pierre and murphy, 5,495 to Moran and 4,537 to Shatford and kasco. * The main details that Junger gives from pages 9-16 was how most of the fisher mens spend the days that they are not at sea in a bar drinking their life away.
November 15, 2012 Reflect on the quote on page 37 in your book.
“Going to sea is going to prison, with a chance at drowning besides.”
Samuel Johnson If this is true, why do men and women continue to fish today? What does the quote mean and what significance does it have to the story as a whole? The quote by Samuel Johnson compares being in prison and fishing out in sea because they both have similarities, like both have small room that has bung beds, also you will have a roommate that you will be stuck with for days even months. One different is that you have more chance in drowning when fishing than there is when in jail. The main reason why people still continue to fish today is because that’s what they know how to do, also because the might just love to fish that the danger of fishing doesn’t bother them.
November 19, 2012 Look at the pictures after page 116. Choose one that speaks to you. What mood does the picture create for the reader? Does this picture appeal to emotion or logic? Explain. Why do you think the author included pictures in this novel? The