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March 6, 2014
Pre-Ap English II

Boxer's Role In Animal Farm

A leader is described as a person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. But not everyone is fit or born to be a leader because a leader requires skills that are needed to be a great and successful leader. These skills include bravery, honesty, humility, ability to motivate, and having self-direction. These are the basic skills a leader should have for which neither Napoleon or Snowball had when he was once a leader. The true leader that took this role was Boxer through his actions he demonstrated to everyone at the farm. Through his actions Boxer was able to motivate others without having to do this verbally. This motivaion was portrayed when he was helping to build the windmill, he had a maxim that was, "I will work harder" in order to bring the ideals of reolution in fruition. Boxer's great strength and great capacity to work was greatly admired and inspiring to the other animals of Animal Farm. Boxer's dedication to the work in the windmill was noticed also in chapter 6, when he would come out in the night and work on the windmill that had been destroyed the first time for an hour or two with only the light of the moon in order to attempt to have his vision of the windmill completed. In chapter 9, Boxer was still determined to build the windmill again after the second time it was destroyed that he wanted to start working hard again right after his injuries from the second attack was still healing. He was determined to the point to where he became stubborn and didn't want to even take a day off even though he was warned in chapter 9 by Benjamin that " A horse's lungs dont last ever". Boxer's bravery was also portrayed to the other animals as well. In chapter 8, Boxer was able to have enough courage to help in the second attack against Jones whom was accompanied by more men that were all armed. Boxer was successfully able to stay alive and having a victory against the intruders. The contribution he had in that attack was having the opportunity to kill and smash through 3 of the men's skulls! This was an image of loyaly toward the the farm and the new regime. What kept this great loyalty and trust towards his new leaders was his great innocence and his way of being naive. He believed in Napoleon in such an intense manner that if Napololeon know how to read and write, it is enough for Boxer. This is where his new maxim comes in action as " Napoleon is always right". Which was an indicative that Boxer was commited to the ideas of Animalism. But the bad outcome of Boxer having trust and loyalty towards Napoleon was having his own leader to have plans to dispose of him which will end up destroying him in the end. The reason that Napoleon was making plans to get rid of Boxer was because Napoleon feared that Boxer would overthrow him. Boxer on the other hand was limited in his intelligence and however was to trusting and naive to see the reality of the corruption with the pigs' regime. How Napoleon believed he would achieve this was by Boxer's naivety to lead him to openly express his puzzlement over certain things. Becoming potentially