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English assessment-Describe a city
I am standing. Standingm in my grand, lonely hotel room. I take time. Time to be cut off from my busy, bothered life; my ordinary life that is never fascinating, imaginative, or the least bit interesting and I just stare. I reach out and yank the squeaky, clean window handle wide open. Letting in a sudden whoosh of crisp, fresh air that almost leaves me in a dizzy daze. I gaze right out through the curious, city that is off course, Las Vegas; but is this city all that it is set out to be? The first thing I notice isn’t the dazzling, lights; isn’t the frantic array of shops with their impossibly crowded windows but the dusty, worn out back roads. So lonely, so isolated. You just want to grab a handful of busy shoppers and drop them here. Right here amongst the dirt and dust. The many hundreds of shops, not clothes shops, not supermarkets but bail bondsmen. Basically just a fancy word for what happens to you when you have too much to drink and get up to know good and end up in prison! In the alley tucked right in the corner, behind this locked up shop; lays a shaking, sleeping figure with a cracked and crinkled paper cup. Right at the bottom of his cup sits nothing other than a quarter. This quarter seems so lifeless so dull so lonely. Imagine living off nothing but a simple, circular piece of metal in one day! I swiftly decide to explore the part of the city that makes Vegas special and one of a kind. So as any typical tourist does, I am persuaded to admire the spectacular, flashing,…