English Assessment The Hitchhiker Essay

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The hitch-hiker
Victoria road was a dead stretch of road at night. Mark had not seen any headlights coming form the other direction for over 15 miles now. He thought this would have been likely at 1 o'clock in the morning.
It was a cold night and the rain pounded on the windscreen like some one was throwing stones. Lighting could be heard and huge bolts of vibrant colours beamed down from the sky in all different shades of purple and yellow, one so loud it gave Mark a shock. Wind was blowing so hard it could have almost tipped the car, Mark put his foot on the pedal as another strike of lightening shot out from a black cloud that was hurling itself around the sky. It was so hard to see in the storm even though he had his full beam on and his windscreen wipers on the fastest setting. No person nor animal could be seen and all he seemed to see around him was just a black blur, He was glad there were no cars as he had been at a party earlier on that evening and had 1 too many beers. Mark let himself get inebriated as he felt he had worked so hard at work to get a promotion to a manager. To break the eerie silence in the car he decided to put on the radio and sing along. After a few minutes Mark was suddenly interrupted as he saw a small figure standing in the road ahead. He slammed on his brakes and came to a halt a few feet away from the girl. He looked over into the back seats and grabbed a coat and umbrella and jumped out the car heading towards the girl, at first he thought he was picturing the girl there but she was actually there, he threw the coat over her and opened the umbrella. The wind had now suddenly stopped and was whispering through the tree leaves and the rain had calmed down and was now only spitting. It was as if Mark had triggered something to stop the bad weather when opening the car door. He stood there for no more than a second confused about what had just happened with the weather but then snapped back into the situation he was in and hurried the girl into the car and sat her on the seat, did her seat belt up tightly. He hopped back into the drivers seat and sat for a bit, still confused at what had just happened.
He began to drive again, he asked the girl what her name was she said it was Vicky her voice was so sweet and calm, he then asked her is she was O.K. and where she lived. She replied “I’m fine I just want to get home. I live at number 13 Parkers close”. This was local to Mark so he knew where to go. He turned around and she was sitting there, not shivering, not scared, just looking blankly out of the car window. There was a large wet patch around the girl where she is sitting and she was wearing a very pretty frilly dress that looked like it had been handmade by a very kind grandma, all the stitches were perfect and her hair was plaited nicely and hung down the side of her face. She had a black rose pinned in her hair that complimented her long blonde curls. Mark asked her again after 5 minutes if