English: Automobile and Hydrogen Essay

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Hydrogen car

Have you ever wanted to have more money? Maybe u wanted to save up for a submarine. Well you with all the money you would save while buying a hydrogen car. Americans spend about 378 million dollars on gas daily or as my dad would say 378 thousand bicycles.

Did you know that the first 'the world's first internal combustion powered automobile use hydrogen as their fuel source. It was created in 1807 by a known tinkerer Francois Isaac de.

Now you might be saying this stuff is amazing why aren't we all using hydrogen in our cars today and why did we ever switch from hydrogen to gasoline. Well there are a few things that are holding us back from using hydrogen in our cars. One of them is that there is no effect ways to get hydrogen in a form that we can use in our cars today. But we are trying to find more efficient ways to produce hydrogen.

In the last 10 to 15 years hydrogen cars has been improving a lot. Almost every car company has tried to make a competitive hydrogen car and they are actual very successful. They don't look very different from today’s cars. The modern hydrogen race started really with the 1966 GM Electrovan it was created as a prototype and was never really mass produced. They used it around the gm. plant until it blew up. It traveled at a top speed of 60-70 mph and that was bad for a van of the time. There have been hundreds of people who built their own hydrogen powered car

New lets learn about hydrogen production or how we get the hydrogen to power out hydrogen cars. An effecient way to produce hydrogen is necessary for hydrogen cars to “take off”. In ordered to have hydrogen cars produced on a large scale. Hydrogen production must be in place in order to meet this need. As you know hydrogen is the common element on earth, but hydrogen is mostly found in the air we breathe and with nitrogen and oxygen taking up the most of it is hard to get it from the air. Right now the most current way to produce hydrogen in the U.S. today is by steam reforming of methane from natural gas. NEL Hydrogen is the world's leading in hydrogen production they use a process called electrolysis. Electrolysis takes place when positive electric current flows through an electrolyte like h20 from an anode to a cathode or to a positive to a negative point. Then that makes some of the water molecules are instantly split into hydrogen and oxygen in a ratio of 2…